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ALBATRACE is founded as a university startup since 2019. We have strong experties on liquid crystal cell manufacturing processing, optics and optical communication. The LCoS(Liquid Crystal on Silicon) cell processing is well established. Especially, every small form factor liquid crystal cell has been fabricated and offered to the customers in various field. The size of our smallest form factor can be around a few square mm.


We want to be a part of contributors to the real time communication era by providing best ever voltage controlled tunable wavelength filter, so that we can help people enjoy the real time communication in 5G and 6G era. And the extendable application area could be also in our role and mission.

Here, the company name ALBATRACE stands for ALBATROSS + GRACE.

And we want to provide metaphotonic tools which stand for beyond + photonic tools using liquid crystal cell manufacturing technology.


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Liquid Crystal Filters & Services


Tel: +82-32-546-8750

Fax: +82-32-546-8751

RN 813 Suwon Cheomdan Venture Valley,

40 Omokcheon-ro 152beon-gil, Suwon,

16642 Korea

Suson Cheomdan Venture Valley

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